At Cteam, several generations of steel construction specialists work hand in hand. It is this kind of interplay that allows years of experience and practice to be passed down to the next generation. 

Our installers undergo related training, for example in the steel construction industry, and gain appropriate work experience. This is how we guarantee that our construction activities are performed to the highest quality standards, whether they involve the erection of new structures or remediation work.

There are various methods of erecting pylons. Our site managers and installers are experienced in derrick operations, in addition to conventional methods. Working in difficult terrain presents no problem to us.

We have developed our own harnessing aids for installing particularly heavy components. One more step towards increasing the safety of working at extraordinary altitudes.


  • Pylon construction
    Pylon construction
  • Conductor installation
    Conductor installation
  • Upgrading activities
    Upgrading activities