mast series portfolio

Here you can see an extract from our mast series portfolio.
Mast series Mast height in mOccupancy area cf x A in m2Link
C1 S18,80–60,85 35,00–45,00C1 S PDF
C1 slim15,00–50,0014,00–50,00C1 slim PDF
C1 SH42,85–60,8553,00C1 SH PDF
C215,00–45,0010,00–16,00C2 PDF
C3 (WZ II)20,00–45,009,00–12,00C3 (WZ II) PDF
C3 (WZ IV)20,00–45,009,00–12,00C3 (WZ IV) PDF
C4 SH42,00–80,00bis 100,00C4 SH PDF
C69,90–25,006,00–9,00C6 PDF
C6 S30,00–60,0015,00–17,00C6 S PDF
C6 SH45,00–60,0035,00–38,00C6 SH PDF
C730,00–60,0022,00–38,00C7 PDF
Spun concrete 20,00–50,003,00–10,00
Spun concrete 20,00–50,0015,00–25,00


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