One of the core tasks of structural analysis is to examine the structural stability and suitability for use of overhead line towers and mobile telephone masts. These tasks are based on specific client specifications and all standards relevant to the calculations. 

Our performance spectrum in the field of overhead power lines is enhanced by our competence in the probabilistic determination procedure; we have been intensively involved in its development ever since its introduction in 2008, and we have participated in all the associated pilot projects. 

For these tasks, we possess references within the group for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and in cooperation with the network of affiliated companies in Luxemburg and France.
The development of individual, special-purpose and entire families of pylons and masts for overhead power lines and mobile telephone networks represents one of our standard services. Our references comprise the development of lattice and custom structures over all voltage levels for pylons and portals for overhead lines and for towers of up to 100 metres in height in the mobile telephony segment.

Special client wishes are accommodated and current standards taken into account.
We provide the following services when a reconstruction, change of use or remediation is planned for existing overhead line pylons or mobile telephone masts, or if an inspection is required on the basis of the VDE-AR-N 4210-4 code of practice:
  • Conventional structural calculations of masts/pylons taking into account local conditions
  • Probabilistic calculations of masts/pylons taking into account local conditions
  • Clustering of conductor lines, either in their entirety or in sections, for economically optimised implementations

If the inventory documentation for the respective mast/pylon structures is no longer available, we conduct the measurements necessary for reproducing the inventory situation.
We also provide support for wind and ice load assessments and, if required, for procurement.
Foundations involve a considerable range of implementation and dimensioning activities. Extensive geotechnical expertise and structural analysis skills are also of great importance. 

We provide support on the basis of the relevant specified standards of overhead line pylons and mobile telephone masts and in line with the supplementary observations of the Eurocode and the standard literature such as the EAP, for the implementation of:
  • Surface foundations,
  • Deep foundations,
  • Special foundations,
  • Site-specific structural analyses, and
  • Foundation reinforcements .
The sub-field of design engineering involves the realisation of a shop drawing on the basis of structural and probabilistic calculations. The basic tool used for this purpose is AutoCAD. To ensure reliable working methods that are in line with the latest state of the art, we use applications for steel and concrete construction in conjunction with internally developed drawing tools.

The field of mast construction has now embraced spatial design. For this purpose, we use the AutoCAD application 'Advance Steel' from Graitec. Our first successful implementations serve to confirm the suitability of this method for future use.

Drawing up formwork and reinforcement plans entails satisfying the requirements of practicable strengthening activities, both in new constructions and in foundation reinforcements. The vital practical link is guaranteed by the close collaboration between the internal construction departments.
Whenever standard methods are unable to supply the desired results and the critical component still has reserves, further analyses are required. In such cases, the finite element method (FEM) is the appropriate tool.

When necessary, we also cooperate with a number of other reputable test engineering offices, for instance for particularly complex tasks.


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