Our consultancy activities consist of merging know-how from the individual departments – both in the engineering and construction fields – and enriching it with our electrical engineering competence. This results in the creation of analyses, studies, concepts, and budget calculations, which then form a firm basis on which project decisions can be made.

The primary aim of consultancy is to take theoretical knowledge and use it to create practical success. Where necessary, we have the support of a network of universities and test institutes, to augment our own expertise and facilities.
  • Consultancy and preparation of enquiries relating to overhead power lines, from individual tasks to complex project requirements.
  • Implementation and support of project management activities in overall or sub-projects.

Here, the aim of consultancy is to reduce the number of interfaces to a single central contact for the client and thus render the project implementation process all the more simple. To this end, the consultancy process accesses the extensive internal Cteam network, comprising expert know-how from all departments.
  • High-voltage overhead lines are the most commonly built medium for transporting electric current. However, one effect of overhead power lines (110/220/380 kV) that cannot be neglected is that they create electric and magnetic fields in the vicinity of the conductor routes. Above a certain intensity, these electrical and magnetic fields can potentially affect the human organism. It is this that first led to the enactment of the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) in 1974.
  • Calculation and minimisation of electrical and magnetic fields (environmental EMC) in power supply systems, and checking limit values pursuant to the 26th Federal Emission Control Ordinance (26. BimSchV).
  • Determination of increases in conductor cross-section/general increases in performance.
  • Concepts of electrical reconstruction plans.
  • Sample inspections of insulators, conductors and fittings as per the applicable standards & regulations and client guidelines as proof of electrical and mechanical requirements.
  • Development of new overhead line components in conjunction with insulator, conductor and fitting manufacturers and accompaniment of type tests as per client order.
  • Solution of complex new construction, reconstruction and remediation measures on high-voltage overhead lines using CP superimposed load pylons. 
  • Creation of corner post and foundation remediation concepts using a corner post attachment and strut solution, plus micro piles.
  • Inspection and evaluation of individual components through climbing and descending lattice towers and the incidence of overhead lines flying away.
  • Warranty examinations.
  • Categorisation of overhead lines.
  • Wind reports for reducing the volume of remediation within the framework of a probabilistic proof procedure.
  • Search digs and determination of pile lengths for preparing and amending inventory documents.
  • Issuing tender documents (for example, construction descriptions, service specifications, etc.).
  • General special enquiries (for example, prefabricated foundations, surface foundation investigations).


  • Consultancy
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    Line planning
  • Structural analysis
    Structural analysis