corporate policy and VISION

To underline our corporate values, which are based on loyalty, identification with the client and the organisation, fairness and sustainability, we have drawn up the following guidelines:

Our primary objective is to achieve a maximum level of satisfaction and continual trust on the part of our clients. We want to establish our clients' wishes at an early stage and offer the best solutions through innovation and identification with the tasks. It is the client who evaluates our service performance, whereby quality leadership is both our vision and our mission. 

We practice an integrated management system that comprises quality, work protection and environmental protection. Work safety is one of our overriding corporate objectives.

This claim refers as much to environmental protection as it does to avoiding environmental damage and limiting the use of natural resources. The claim also applies to our partners and subcontractors.

In our fields of business, specialist competence can only be said to have been achieved when work protection has been effectively mastered, in other words, when we are working at an accident-free level together with our partners.

Constant improvement, open communication and exchange, and analysis performance form an integral part of our policy. Our communication and decision-making processes are characterised and optimised by the short information distances involved. We maintain an open dialogue with our customers, partners and the general public.

Compliance with legal regulations and current standards is a matter of course and is subjected to continual checking and controls. Restricting the free market and violating anticompetitive and antitrust regulations are not compatible with our corporate policy.

We promote and expect competence, creativity and motivation from our employees, and offer further training opportunities, personal responsibility and a pleasant working environment. We want to be an attractive employer for our employees. Our claim is to have a fair and trusting relationship with our employees. 

The success of our company is based on highly motivated and qualified employees who secure the sustained success and future of our company through work efficiency, a high degree of professionalism, knowledge and application of the state of the art, continual optimisation, and the economic use of resources.