At Cteam, we have a great demand for people with experience like yours. The challenges of our complex activities can only be successfully mastered with people who have experienced, whether they are employed in the commercial and administrative departments or working in a technical capacity in one of our operational activities.


As an engineer, technician, project manager or site manager with an established career, your experience is extremely valuable to us. At Cteam, experienced professionals have a chance to acquire new knowledge, which will serve them in good stead as they progress along the career ladder. Whether you are deployed in mobile telephony, overhead line construction, engineering or technical machinery, you will be given a task area that reflects your strengths. Are you a technical talent with a head for commerce? Are you a hands-on person? Do your strengths lie in project organisation? Do you enjoy devising detailed solutions? Whatever your abilities are, you will be given the ideal opportunity to combine them in a responsible position – whether in overhead power line construction, mobile telephony or engineering.


As a commercial employee, you are primarily active in the administrative department, which makes you indispensable for our company's success. Your duties can be in purchasing, financial accounting, HR administration, controlling or IT. You can apply your practical knowledge in mutual collaboration with experienced colleagues, while also enabling career starters and trainees to benefit from your experience. You see yourself as a service provider for the operative divisions of the company and support them with your know-how. This is what enables us to display our top quality in our core competence fields. Thanks to the latest IT systems, which are in place throughout the organisation, all departments are closely interconnected, to ensure that all employees, whether working in a technical or commercial capacity, are able to function together smoothly.


As a job applicant with experience, you can be sure that we at Cteam can offer you a wide choice of qualified positions to match your level of experience. Moreover, you can benefit from interesting promotion opportunities in all areas of the company; we are happy to support and reward personal motivation and high standards. You will be given challenging tasks that allow you to show what you are made of. For further information about jobs and career opportunities for experienced professionals at Cteam, see the relevant section under either Technical Field or Commercial Field.

Would you like to find out more? Then simply browse further down and take a look at the Testimonials written by our employees.


Simone Magis
"People placed a lot of confidence in me, and the enthusiasm and curiosity I showed opened up doors to new activities. This is what keeps your everyday working life interesting and exciting, plus the team sticks together when things get a bit more stressful."
Bernadette Reich
"After I completed my combined studies at Cteam, the trust afforded me was such that I was very soon given the opportunity to develop my abilities. This is of course great for your personal motivation but it also means that must be able to work independently and on your own initiative, and what is more, you are expected to take on responsibility."
Stefan Pavic
"I really like working for Cteam, because I appreciate the benefits of working in an owner-managed company with short and targeted decision-making processes. The senior management has its feet on the ground and always has an open ear for its employees. This gives Cteam an inimitable character."
Hubert Brüninghoff
"As one of Cteam's first clients thirteen years ago and having myself been a member of Cteam for the last five years, my impression of our company as one of the most innovative overhead line construction firms there is has only become stronger – not to mention its clear focus on client and employee satisfaction. This explains why it is such an attractive employer."