Whether you have just obtained your school-leaving qualification or you are already a student, as a career starter at Cteam, you have a choice of ways open to you in which you can make your first real-life work experience. And whichever way you choose, the only things that matter to us are your personality and your ability. 

Why you should start your career with Cteam. The benefits to you at a glance:

Responsibility right from the start – we allow you to try your hand at all manner of challenging tasks and complex activities. Independence, a talent for planning and design, and a capacity for structured thinking are what we expect from you.

Appreciation of your work – do you have any creative ideas or reasoned suggestions? Then feel free to contribute them – that way you will play a role in actively shaping our progress and success.

The security of a strong partner – from an economic point of view, we are an exceedingly solid and well-positioned company. This means we can offer you a secure job with numerous long-term further training opportunities.

Teamwork every day – you can look forward to working in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation. What we like best are open dialogue and regular exchanges. Naturally, all new employees can expect an intensive and comprehensive induction phase.

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With us you can gain practical experience. We give you an extensive insight into everyday working life, along with an opportunity to learn how to employ the knowledge you acquire.

A major challenge for students is writing their final thesis. If you are looking for a practical basis with which to augment your existing theoretical knowledge or if you would like help from our experts, we will be only too pleased to support you in the final stretch towards your bachelor's or master's degree.


Kim Vinzelberg
"Cteam gives me the opportunity to familiarise myself with many different departments, which not only adds variety to my working day but also means that I can be employed in many different areas of the company later on."
Lukas Werner
"After I started working at Cteam, it was not long before I started to feel comfortable in the working environment here. Naturally, this had a motivating effect on my work. It was only through Cteam that I discovered just how much effort goes in to designing and constructing a transmission tower."
Paul Ruf
"Young, dynamic and successful. All the factors that in my opinion make a company interesting and with which I can identify in my working life. I began my combined studies programme at Cteam in 2013. I chose this kind of programme because I wanted to establish a link between theory and practice and also because you are paid during the training. During the practical phases, I became acquainted with several departments at Cteam. I was able to make my first work experience, and I got to know many new people. They were all very open and friendly to me and showed and explained a lot of things to me. Right from the start, I felt perfectly relaxed in the company. The theoretical phases at the Ravensburg University of Cooperative Education were very intensive and strenuous, but in the evenings, I had time to meet up with fellow students and get a taste of the pleasant side of student life. Not to forget the legendary university parties that are always part and parcel of it. All in all, I can fully recommend the combined studies programme at Cteam. Cteam is certainly a company that is young, dynamic and successful."